smile bright 

god is sunshine

melting laughter

out the gutter 

something right 

weak hands 

kisses, hugs

keeping straight faced

getting high 

rolling circles 

round my cuboid 

you’re not a big drinker 

and I get so serious 

don’t know what time it was 

lookin’ so perfect 

high hopes

though there’s fire 

burning in the distance 

forever after 

doesn’t exist 


baby spin it 


like the first time 

like the last time 

right now 

right now we got sunshine 

god is light reflecting

off your eyes 


thistles slip into thumps

forests covered in dust

words flowing, silence

each simple

ticking heart 

violent beginnings like

skipping a boulder 

on shallow water

panting, soft 

wave of emotion this slow

buildup, laughter 

to jump out 

of safety strings, knotted

illusion of home

it was never


shrouded in 

counterfeit cardboard hugs

going to pour all of it

into the hot pot of

self, loving sensual, open 

for my sanity 

to sleep on my own, touching 

knowing those hands 

we’ll come

I can breathe, twist 

wring the fog machine out

when you find me

I’ll be laughing 

creating coloured cobwebs

in hiking boots 

dresses and oysters

full throttle to the coast 

there’s freedom 

in love and

peace in cold palms 

pressed into a spirit 

I know what I want


open roads 

felt like ice melting

driblets of strangers 

singing the countdown

we give ourselves 

to foreign hearts to

fresh slates I’ll just 

pour love like fresh coffee

freedom feels like 

escape from routines

trudging over white banks

pieces of me left and 

picked up again just

trinkets on the window ledge 


dripping, darkwet

slithering through digital

screens draining, neck sore

panhandling man sighing

louder, I don’t carry 

cash anymore

just tap the phone 

a screen on a screen on a

transaction complete

charge the smoke 

charge the smokes

charge the stag 

lights go out

breaking breakers

signal cuts 

a sharp global knife

slicing through wire 

like coconut oil

got a heart

full and brimming with 

deepdark light

guess I’d like

to drive on my own

to the coast 

deep-blue space 

crashing, lulling


accounting the only home

that I own is

a library of fire

my disconnect that 

gleams lack of faith

is purely respire

of instinctual ventures

that have spiraled inside

for eras 

and nanoseconds

both and forever  


cruise control
white sandstorm of thinking
busy, eager, 9 to 5ers,
crowded, climbing, piling 
stacks of buildings
swaying slightly 
condensed culture
in a tin can
pour it into coffee
longing for a forest
moonlight, florals
naked skin
readjusting freedom
break out of the slime shell
shaking loose of patterns
space in stillness
ecstasy in breath
I find surrender when I come
into my body
slipping sideways
in my soul