hot damn

god lit 

the sky 

with our eyescape

time, human 


oh my

distance, perception 



little oval window


past wondering 


meshed neurological 

skycrack to

your mouth 


sweet nectarine 


feel the scars in me

been cut 

help yourself

inside and 

when you’re gone 

cruising long paved stretches

think of this 

time is a dream

liquid, fertile 

seeds in soil

strum it while

I’m panting here 


whirling dervish kitten 

put it 

onto my shivering 

open blossom

I’ll come

to kiss you again and against

white birch and cedar

I promise


Love again


I want to talk about love. That indescribable, ever-evolving feeling that we can’t stand but can never get enough of. I’m the type of person that can fall, hard. That reach for the moon, over the fence, word series kinda stuff. If wearing your heart on your sleeve is something, I wear mine as a whole damn outfit. 

I have nothing to hide. Look at me, feel me, and most importantly – talk to me. Tell me your story, your pain, tell me about the shadowy stuff you hide in the dark crevices of your psyche that you’re afraid to air out. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. 

Judgment happens when you don’t love yourself. You find small things that irk you in others and you blow them up. That person then represents everything you hate in society, they exude it, they’re dripping with it. I have been that girl many times. 

God I can’t believe she did that. She’s so…

Now. I tend to shut down when this happens. We’ve got one life to live, and if you’re sat around worrying about how others compose theirselves, maybe you need to dance a little. Let go of that time you weren’t recognized, that time someone made you feel like garbage, get outside. 

People are beautiful, we are unstoppable. We hug, we smile, we cook meals and get covered in dirt. We climb mountains, we kiss kittens, we dive down into shipwrecks. We pick others up who are in pain.

That, that’s what love is. 

When someone is hurting, you don’t shoot them down more. Make them feel worse. When someone is spiralling into bad behaviour, you don’t kick them and tell them they’re bad. You squeeze them and tell them it’s okay and you go for a walk together. 

If you’re invited to my house, drink my gin and wear my prettiest dress and make a mess and tell me all about what you did today. Cause when there’s passion in your eyes you’ve got such a pretty face. I won’t make fun of you. We can use my best blanket and get it all grimy in the grass and I’ll make us lunch with my best ingredients as long as you’ll tell me what’s upsetting you about your parents. 

Love is never having to hide who you are. And I’m so in love with the world I don’t hide much. So if one of these days you find me all messed up, all I need is a hug. 

And that day it happens to you, I’ll be there to hold you too.