smile bright 

god is sunshine

melting laughter

out the gutter 

something right 

weak hands 

kisses, hugs

keeping straight faced

getting high 

rolling circles 

round my cuboid 

you’re not a big drinker 

and I get so serious 

don’t know what time it was 

lookin’ so perfect 

high hopes

though there’s fire 

burning in the distance 

forever after 

doesn’t exist 


baby spin it 


like the first time 

like the last time 

right now 

right now we got sunshine 

god is light reflecting

off your eyes 


blooming into

the soft unknown 

from dirt 

from dark

falling outwards 

into the sunlight


a shortcut out

a window 

the bigger picture

the passionflower inside 

takes over and I 


don’t let the fear stop you

don’t let the fear

they might eat you alive

but you were planted 

we were 


used to pray

rosary beads

spider gods 


jiggly elephants

dark, gapingness 


waiting for nothing


the magical mystery bus 

the centre of 


but when moonlight

creeps down the staircase 

there’s beauty again

when flowers bloom

feeling sunlight, music

good sex

I believe if I shed 

it all, my skin 

white, shiny wet 

bones and pumping heart 

beauty is quick 

passing moments 

shifts in perspective 

beneath frail words

tapered lifestyles on screens

sculpted thoughts 

just wanna pop that 

juicy blackberry 

in my mouth 

and forget 

let go of it

a spiralling world 

of beliefs, pretty things

hold on to the 

shiny gold tassel of good

the kind ones 

soft hearts 


we are okay

just the way we are 

without filter 


feed it

these certain aspects 

ratios of time they’re 


it’s like you gotta grab

’em by the handlebars 

because they’re

aspects where you 

might try to hide 

try to change your fate 

we aren’t given the

choices we create

am I asleep

is it up to me 

love is not a controlled substance

it slips in like fentanyl 

I lost my patience 

yesterday but I

see no escape from 

questions without answers 

and yeah I’ll talk 

stories are meant to be told

I won’t draw draw draw 

it’s just I want 

I wanted it for an hour 

the greatest gift

would only be 

a lifetime 

and that’s so hard to find 


I’ll draw it

I’ll believe deep down 

even though the jaded 

shattered shit keeps 

poking in my 

elevator going up 

tender take it for a ride 

good times

take it

in the 

when does it 


alms for the universe 

the busted heartwhite sweat 

I’ll give it 

all my life

be my life 

just a satellite 

can be 

can’t be without you 




dress neatly hung 

on the bedframe 

amaretto sours 

small, hidden facets

on a sparkling stone

or a gem every twist

opens another place 

for the light to reflect

pink flashes swelter from 

stormy skies 

finding pleasure

warm hands slide

like wheels 

gliding pressures 

comfortable silence enough

to watch the sunset

break out from

cacophonous clouds

kickback in the sky

smoking pinners 

orange haze drifting 

across naked

sunburnt skin


final destinations flickering

dancing like kerosene lampflames

I can’t

get into it I keep it

getting hot and then 

the fuelgage burns empty

lingering fumes 

escape sizzleswirl in my psyche 

impermanence like a trinket

I flip along my fingers 

just a coin or a trick 

a matchstick 

an idea I take comfort in 

play it cool, don’t get so worked up 

got a running kind of reputation 

every year I look back and think

damn, I never thought

I have to prepare 

for the next tectonic shift 

in these perceptual landscapes

any heart kinda oblivion

stomach curdling attraction is 

best ripped away like a bandaid 

I could invest in myself 

could disappear 

the wind grows cold, then it’s hot

in a bed and some blouses 

sometimes I crave the sounds of the ocean 

and I don’t want help to find 

a way 

but I know what happens when 

roots slip through the rubber 

of wornout black and pink Nike’s 

they break, they get trampled 

they turn into dust ’cause 

I can’t stay still

so instead I’ll invest 

in a seven dollar dress and 

watch scarface 

kraken, ginger beer, lime

everything I’ve done 

it comes around and I 

take as much as I give

I like to think I’m kind I

I hear

the me that’s keeping me alive 

I hear

the me that wants to run away

and all we do 

all we do is change 


shaking satisfaction in the quiet

scattered gasps inhaling to

the soft mouths of no one

finding the fine point 

of balance between two circles 

undulating at different speeds 

along my palms

when reiki and coconut milk

don’t work 

but sodium bicarbonate does 

fuck white people music

put on that Memphis rap while I 

finely slice mangos into diamonds 

on the living room floor 

push blueberries into bottles

pinch up fresh rosemary 

while words are slung seductively

about eating ‘dat perfect pussay

top it up with that bubbly tea 

let me pour you stone fruit cider 

or cultured swirling ginger beers

feeling slightly fermented while I 

stare at the window out to the alley

drunk cries of delight seep out 

from the edges of glass and drip

into the deep baseline that lulls me

even though this city doesn’t sleep 

she only blinks her eyes

for one hot second 

while the soft pink moon slips her 

hips out from the rain clouds 

and I find peace in the soft tap

of the streetcar pattering 

like a heartbeat 

peace in the hollow empty

of waking up on the couch at 

6:11 in the morning 

patience is not a common quality 

for kittens like me but when I 

slip into my soft, pillowy blankets and sheets

I find peace