feed it

these certain aspects 

ratios of time they’re 


it’s like you gotta grab

’em by the handlebars 

because they’re

aspects where you 

might try to hide 

try to change your fate 

we aren’t given the

choices we create

am I asleep

is it up to me 

love is not a controlled substance

it slips in like fentanyl 

I lost my patience 

yesterday but I

see no escape from 

questions without answers 

and yeah I’ll talk 

stories are meant to be told

I won’t draw draw draw 

it’s just I want 

I wanted it for an hour 

the greatest gift

would only be 

a lifetime 

and that’s so hard to find 


I’ll draw it

I’ll believe deep down 

even though the jaded 

shattered shit keeps 

poking in my 

elevator going up 

tender take it for a ride 

good times

take it

in the 

when does it 


alms for the universe 

the busted heartwhite sweat 

I’ll give it 

all my life

be my life 

just a satellite 

can be 

can’t be without you 


Flashing lights

Arms outstretched to either side, wide. Bright eyed. This is your space, in which you create. Where your heart beats, it emits. A subtle, open vibration, it pulsates. In Space, this is where you hold your place. You allow, beckoning hands forth. Anything and everyone, come. Let me learn, let you teach. Let it be. Drifting into the ever forever. Darkness. Wide and open, twinkly eyed, miss outer space

From that void, that dark and open lady. Allows another, a more forceful one. She blows and whispers into your ear. Taking up the space, her mother. She sees what’s around and takes it all in. Air, whooshing and whirling, the girl, how she spins. She sees the delights, she flows up to great hights. Like wings her arms spread down to see something alight:

Another one born, from the two, there come three! A Fiery being, her energy is for seeing. Bright, hot, she takes up air and space. She uses them to expand and spread light onto various planes. The twisted flame spins, taking all that surrounds her. Everyone wants her, everyone likes her. But coming too close, to touch, it’s hot, hot!

‘Til you dip your finger down in that cool, soft, water spot. Ah, here. Here she comes. Dripping wet, Water mama océanne. Slipping through vibrations into deep, dreamy thoughts. But don’t get too caught, she’s cold when she wants. She’ll let you dip in and drift out faster than you thought. You’ll sink in and remember what you thought you forgot….

From the four, came another. But from them, she was one. All encompassing that first, primary thump. Bump, thump, thump. Space, Air, Fire, Water twirled all around her, they were her. She pulled them together, as family, as One. A global, circular trust. Gravitating them all together she made them a promise, to always stay connected. She invited them to reach further, yet hold their nest. A fungal salute to the life that bursts outwards of rumpus and rot and chaos.

Together they announced their name. All together now. Earth.
Our home for right now.