got back to cold Toronto

from the hills of California 

got used to the bright nights 

laughter, hollers

moonlight didn’t feel like a 

beacon to wake up 

stranger hours 

Petri dish 

city mindsets creeping 

permeating thin veils 

how I am


came back with a game plan 

won’t get wrapped up in the

dogclimb, panting race

of nowhere and nothing

can’t forget the voice 

I found when

I began to wander 

now it all depends on no one 

but myself I’m

feeling surrounded

but patient and I’ll

enjoy the food, music, markets

culture, spaces for me to move

with others, play

it’s been a long time since I 

had a summer in this city 

four years

and I’ll always have the 

back burner pot 

simmering with grander landscapes 

it always comes back around 

back around 



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