final destinations flickering

dancing like kerosene lampflames

I can’t

get into it I keep it

getting hot and then 

the fuelgage burns empty

lingering fumes 

escape sizzleswirl in my psyche 

impermanence like a trinket

I flip along my fingers 

just a coin or a trick 

a matchstick 

an idea I take comfort in 

play it cool, don’t get so worked up 

got a running kind of reputation 

every year I look back and think

damn, I never thought

I have to prepare 

for the next tectonic shift 

in these perceptual landscapes

any heart kinda oblivion

stomach curdling attraction is 

best ripped away like a bandaid 

I could invest in myself 

could disappear 

the wind grows cold, then it’s hot

in a bed and some blouses 

sometimes I crave the sounds of the ocean 

and I don’t want help to find 

a way 

but I know what happens when 

roots slip through the rubber 

of wornout black and pink Nike’s 

they break, they get trampled 

they turn into dust ’cause 

I can’t stay still

so instead I’ll invest 

in a seven dollar dress and 

watch scarface 

kraken, ginger beer, lime

everything I’ve done 

it comes around and I 

take as much as I give

I like to think I’m kind I

I hear

the me that’s keeping me alive 

I hear

the me that wants to run away

and all we do 

all we do is change 


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