water spinning furious

tiger claw the spindling 

white blue stems

dust with pungent scent 

scraped off the cutting board 

slipped into the red creuset 

fennel and peppermint

dreamy chamomile yellow 

ground beneath me while I

paint cherry blossom trees 

and finish my cup of tea 

“It isn’t even raining!”

so excited she’ll wait 

out on the sidewalk

to talk to anyone 

tell them anything 

drifting through spritzed sidestreets 

admiring textures of colour 

houses with porches and 

German Shepherd puppies 

past the Gardiner, Lake Shore Boulevard 

one more set of lights and

there’s the water and the sun 

breaking out from the greyshroud 

sparkling walk down the boardwalk 

I’ll sleep tonight

it changes like the weather 

it always changes

two new friends

two pork tenderloins 

sprinkle the firetruck red 

chipotle, lime juice, cumin and oregano 

the Temple of I & I radiating 

off the kitchen walls 

tonight we feast 

and in the morning 

I’ll remember the 

beauty of silence


fresh paint and bandaids 

the cut always heals



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