red streetcar to

the lake 

take the ferry

bitter cold

water winds

lick my cheeks 

an excited puppy

coaxing me out of my

hole-nest, from writing dreams

watching British comedies

cities dense microcosms

macrostimulations got me

busting up the green 

how ’bout we slide

sideways on the couch

cuddling pillows

how ’bout you

partake in some indulgence

without words please 

sometimes I really am 

not the best at this

give me your hands 

lips, mouth, hips 

everything will always 

be romantic it’s the way 

my thoughts 

my mind spins

walking long

the choppy water’s edge 

heart-twistin’ to be lost 

again, forever strange 

a little flower 

a small story 

waiting to be written 


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