dripping, darkwet

slithering through digital

screens draining, neck sore

panhandling man sighing

louder, I don’t carry 

cash anymore

just tap the phone 

a screen on a screen on a

transaction complete

charge the smoke 

charge the smokes

charge the stag 

lights go out

breaking breakers

signal cuts 

a sharp global knife

slicing through wire 

like coconut oil

got a heart

full and brimming with 

deepdark light

guess I’d like

to drive on my own

to the coast 

deep-blue space 

crashing, lulling


accounting the only home

that I own is

a library of fire

my disconnect that 

gleams lack of faith

is purely respire

of instinctual ventures

that have spiraled inside

for eras 

and nanoseconds

both and forever  


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