Upside down emperor 

rainbow webs trickling dripping 

from branches twisting

into my eyes too quickly drifting 

back into nothing 

I notice how the trees

they sway faintly in arrangements

to the wind and to the sunlight

your breathing is soft patterns

when you hold my neck softly

how I found you 

just the luckiest kitten 

how you found me

panting softly and the moans swirl

when your eyes light up 

seeing sunbeams dance off of leaves

sharing hyphae tea for the plant babies

watching you spray your ladies 

and the smiles you’d sprout 

then the sounds of the saplings

when the wind quickly drifts down

the nape of my neck sending shivers

straight to the ghost in me that whispers

synchronicity is forever repeating

ever present reality fully shaping 

forming right in front of me how the leaves

curl like your finger in my mouth

admiring your crystalline cerulean 

blossoms curing like an art form

what you are it astounds me 


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