so tired of playing with this bow and arrow.

this elliptical mess of sweat, this is the beginning of forever and it makes me quiver.

just a little.

I’m tired, temptress, sultry looks from outside the doorway.

let’s just talk for a moment about how nobody knows.

no, they really don’t staglo.

inside your voice resounds those curling moans the ones that swirl around my solar litten torso

and only through words have I discovered your soul. These lolling drolling silent moments

ya know when you can just sit down and shut the fuck up with someone. 

the words are true, rock me in your arms I can feel it. Warm coffee in your hand will make you remember that soft heart you’re in love with

my babyluv does what she wants.

and when you’re ready I’m gonna fly straight out of this place. I’m gonna go there and I’m not gonna be so alone there, bangin on that pearl no more.

how come you’re so alone there 

I’ll grow the basil and tomatoes and you’ll help me build a firestove.

Homesick for a place that I don’t know. For a soul that I have known.






5 thoughts on “Glorybox

  1. I love how your poem is intertwined with portishead lyrics. I’m a big fan of their music. We all can be the temptress too long…just not forever. You’re very good at confessional writing. And I really liked the poem you collaborated with Pseudo…another outstanding writer. You two have good energy together. I hope you both continue writing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good catch Nara sometimes lyrics tend to help me drift with automatic writing and this time it fit so well I left it in. Thank you, I tell him to keep writing all the time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Excellent way towards beginning …music can send us down many paths of inspiration. Really enjoy your style.
        And it’s good he has you as an encourager. Never let up…artists flourish when they connect.
        Have a good Sunday!
        And may I say, you have a pretty name.


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