Painting With Brighter Colours

I’ll play Van Morrison so that my hands buzz while I roll up the chocolate and cashews.

But this work I find myself in,
the feeding of the people.
I try to use this Buddhist kind of ethic.
These projects of vibrant colours, I make.
Watching them get happily destroyed
by all those eager mouths
it’s my time, these moments.

I know someone I’d like to give my creations to for free.

And I realize it’s a system, once again
it makes me sad, for just a second
But then I remember
that this
that nothing is permanent
and this cityscape isn’t forever

So I’m ready to start dreaming again
about trips to where the deer roam,
this morning I feel the only thing
that keeps this grind going is
painting my dreams with brighter colours.
I want to sew seeds with strong hands
feel them reaching into the darkest parts
of me and watch his fingers linger on
guitar strings as I spark another
after the ninth delicious toss

we’ve had in the sheets

So I’ll hang a neon sri yantra tapestry
above my bed and let it
work its magic on my psyche,
Like a dream catcher to weed out
the doubts, the little thoughts that keep me
from believing that there’s something more
than following someone else’s routine
and I kinda feel like dropkicking
the clock that I’ve been punching
’cause I’m really feeling this impermanence
in everything and that kind of
swirling change within me is breaking
me free from the mess of thoughts that
keep me

from drifting on this planet.

I am not meant to be caged.
I plan the grand adventures, escapades
I am the queen of this dream, this life, I
can drift around I can

We can do anything we please.


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