Better than sex.


I’m in love.

With the rush I get deep down in my gut when I hear that tune and the goosebumps flicker up my arms. Feelin’ all the itty bitty hairs get tingly at the nape of my neck. And when the sun decides to peek out behind grey clouds, the day takes a total turnaround.

The feelings that come from inside.

After breaking a sweat and it’s dripping down the side of my ribs and onto my back. The cool wind sweeping the heat off the top my head. Smelling salt in the air from all the bodies around me. All swaying to their own particular groove. Oh the moves.

The rush that beats within.

The grass under my feet, feeling the earth’s primal beat. Flowing up my legs and into my skull and dispersing all around me. To be a kid again. To let myself play and twist and contort my body in whatever way I find sweet.

It helps me forget.
All the little pieces of things I’ve clung to.
Swing ’em off baby. Fuck it.


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