My lover’s got humour

You can satisfy yourself, utterly and juicily. Every single day, no matter where you are. And there’s absolutely no reason not to. Taking time to be alone, completely happy with my own company, has taken me my whole life to appreciate. A culmination of unsatisfying relationships, bottles of wine beside the laptop and putting myself in social situations that made me feel gross taught me that. Now I sit in my little cabin in the middle of nowhere, smiling. Snow drifting up my window into a Seussical snowcano bursting at the top. Tucked in my secret little haven with candles and crystals and poems.

I take the time to feel my body, use it. All I need is a mat and a plastic circle. Stretching my limbs, using my core, feeling the heat come from within me. Mind, body, spirit connection. Eating juicy fruits, succulent salmon, crispy sweet potato. I find so much gratitude and joy in every moment I create. Whether it’s a dance, a plate, a collection of words.

I enjoy my own company, watching my hands get blue with ink, seeing my leg muscle quiver in tree pose. I especially notice the feelings, the instincts, the more I let go of addiction, the older that story gets. I feel inside of me what’s right for me again, what my body needs, what my soul needs. I feel my heart open, my body vibrate with passion when words ring true to my ears. I feel my heart again.

There’s something transcendental about rhythm and movement. Listening to Goddess music, playing again like a child, creating worlds with pencil and paper, hoopdancing in between. Every day is a ritual, if you’ll allow it.


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