All of my life

It’s a simple feeling to have the sun’s large hands resting on your back. Timid toes touch pavement, stretching beyond their flip flops. I can smell the trees exhaling, shedding their hardened winter shells. Becoming new. I envy them at times, I long to grow roots out of my little toes. To feel my blood flowing in and out of the earth below me. To let Ma replenish me.

It can be as simple as your feet in the water and the sun on your skin.

I’m like a sprout, tender and vulnerable. So easily uprooted from the ground. – Toronto, April 2010

Nature can be so innocent. Our ego keeps us from experiencing the bliss, the depth. We look at our faces on phones, people we see constantly that we don’t even want to see. We mark our calendars to go to events we don’t want to and buy things that get lost, forgotten, detiororate. 

The only thing consistent is change. Feel the cycles. The urge to move, to be free once again like a child. To have an infinite amount of love bursting out of you with no resistance. 

I’ve finally learned, since wishing I could be a tree, that I can be one with them. After chasing peace and ecstasy for years. It comes to me when I forget “me”

Multi loves got me on my knees. 


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